Father Alex Busuttil mssp
For the past 24 years Father Alex has been the spiritual advisor and humanitarian leader in Alto Cayma, Arequipa, Peru. Upon arriving in 1995, he began to build and organize the community through gospel values first, then improve the daily living conditions of those he served. Father Alex is a beloved pillar of the community. His visionary efforts continue far past his parish to others. The mission he oversees has grown from hundreds to the tens of thousands he now serves in the different Alto Cayma settlements.
Father Alex was born and raised in Malta, and ordained as a Catholic priest in 1984. Prior to establishing the missionary work in Alto Cayma, Father Alex served in parishes for two years in Libya and seven years in Pakistan, most notably alongside St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Missionary Society of Saint Paul
The Missionary Society of Saint Paul (MSSP) was founded in Malta in 1910 by native born Msgr. Joseph De Piro. Today the society serves communities in Malta, Rome, Australia, Canada, Peru, Pakistan, the Philippines and most recently in Cuba. In Peru, the mission began in Aplao in 1968 and continues its presence there, while in Arequipa, five parishes are in operation. Lima is home to the formation house where the missionary candidates begin their formation. The founding principle of the MSSP is that of “witnessing to God's love through our missionary commitment: in parishes, schools, youth centers, migrant centers, among the poor and the needy, and in faraway lands.”

Missionary Society of St. Paul, Municipality of Cayma, Sirviendo-Logrando Paz, Health Bridges International (HBI), BAC SystemsElk Cove Vineyards, Rotary International, Monasteries of Santa Catalina, Michell SAC, Roberts, and local supporters.