The Compassion Fund is meant to help people who cannot help themselves. Though we support the idea of teaching people how to fish instead of giving fish away, we are aware that there are situations in which this principle does not apply.  I have witnessed that in some situations in spite of all efforts done, it does not necessarily result in advancement or improvement. Those affected include people who suffer daily from physical and moral isolation and poor people who do not qualify for government benefits or who are adversely influenced by other health or economic disadvantages. Among them, we find lonely and elderly people, the bed ridden and people with mental difficulties, single mothers or abandoned children, and in general, people who are unable or cannot provide for themselves and their families. This fund is meant to give whatever is essential to guarantee that the most basic needs of human dignity are met.  The predominant needs are access to food, clothing, a proper bed, shelter, and assistance with healthcare and education. Additional support is given to the poorest who cannot pay their house rent, electricity or water bills, or bank loans that perpetuate families to a life-long situation of extreme poverty without hope of a better future. The Compassion Fund depends totally on private donations.

The fund is an opportunity for compassionate, generous people who have been blessed with financial resources and are interested to alleviate the burden of the suffering.
One life. One legacy. Respect all. Help all. 

With deepest gratitude,
Fr. Alex Busuttil, mssp