The 23rd of July 2017 marks an important date for the Alto Cayma mission as we opened a new Adoration Chapel. The idea behind it is that many people come to the mission compound every day in search of a helping hand, being it spiritual, material or other, and so we would like to put first things first. We are encouraging people to first spend some time in prayer in front of the Eucharist and then we'll listen to them as we always did. A nice detail in the chapel is a section with pictures of our work and communities to be always in the presence of Him who makes it all possible.It is thank to God that we are able to do so much to help those in need around us, and the least we can do is being grateful to our very loving God. 

Talking about being thankful, we are very grateful to Christine Bartek from the U.S. who sponsored the Adoration Chapel. She is a wonderful person who came to visit the mission, was touch by it and acted upon it. Christine gave the best gift to our people by creating a space for all of us where we can have some quiet time in the presence of the Almighty and feel lifted up.

Thanks Chris and blessings for such a wonderful gift.