Damaging Rains in Alto Cayma

If you had seen the international news this past March, northern Peru sustained heavy rains and flooding. Lima in particular suffered extensive landslides and overflowing rivers. We in the Alto Cayma region endured tremendous damage as well. Since all roads here in Alto Cayma are dirt, many had been completely washed away. Provisional water connections in the settlements had either been badly damaged or destroyed. New connections needed to be installed. Nearly 50 homes were severely damaged or collapsed under the flooding. About 200 families either lost everything or many of their belongings. Deep crevices were formed on almost all roads making transportation virtually impossible. Some crevices were over 3 meters wide and the most severe were 3-6 meters deep completely cutting off homes. This made it especially hazardous for children in danger of falls.

All of us at the mission were very much involved in the relief efforts in many ways. We helped by:

  • Providing water pipes to reconnect water supply 

  • Scheduling regular potable water cisterns 

  • Bringing in heavy machinery to rebuild roads

  • Supplying building materials to repair damaged homes 

  • Providing food hampers, blankets, clothing and other essentials. 

We are thankful for all those involved in our restoration efforts. Without your help we would not have been able to rebuild and care for so many.
The photos below illustrate the damage as well as our emergency relief assistance.